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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life®? It’s shipping and receiving clerks like Alethea Hunt – the last person to touch a rescue tool before it gets out the door and on its way to save lives.

Before starting at HURST last summer, Alethea had been trying to get a job at the Shelby, N.C., facility for years. “I’d heard about HURST Jaws of Life, but everyone is so happy here that you can’t get in until someone retires,” Alethea said.

“I know I’ll stay here until I retire,” she adds with a smile.

With responsibilities revolving around the efficiency of deliveries, Alethea has to be extremely organized.

“People would describe me as dependable,” she said. “And that’s why I’m good at my job.”

All of the precision required of her at work goes out the door when she’s with her two-year-old grandson.

“He’s messy and destroys everything,” said Alethea. “I love spoiling him. I only had a girl, so I was ready for all of the fun that boys bring.”

Luckily, Alethea lives just 10 minutes from work, giving her more time at home with her family in her rural home. She chose it because she likes the peace and quiet of the beautiful country -- at least until her grandson comes outside. Then all rules go out the window.