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Nick Lytle has big ideas. He’s materials/sourcing supervisor for HURST Jaws of Life, but he sees his job as more than just the materials. It’s bigger than figuring out which suppliers are our best partners and who has the highest quality products. It’s also seeing how the dots connect, such as how the sales team will talk about the materials we use, and what the end users demand of them.

“I’ve worked in and studied accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain management,” he said. “My job takes the best of all of them.”

Nick spent six years with HURST Jaws of Life’s sister company Hale before joining HURST more than a year ago. A native of Spartanburg, S.C., Nick majored in supply chain management at the University of South Carolina. His job at HURST’s Shelby, N.C., facility brings him a little closer to home, and takes him a little closer to the customer. HURST Jaws of Life’s end user maintenance classes and specialist training sessions give the HURST team the opportunity to talk to first responders and see the rescue tools in the hands of those who use and train on them. That’s where it all comes together.  Because like everyone at HURST, Nick Lytle knows there’s nothing bigger than working together to extend lives.