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HURST Jaws of Life, Inc., an industry leading global manufacturer of rescue tools, debuted four new spreaders today: two as part of the eDRAULIC® line and two within HURST’s 10,000 PSI high pressure offering. The launch includes the introduction of the SP 555E2, one of the strongest portable spreaders on the market today.

“We love being at the top of our industry, and when we see an opportunity to further innovate and manufacture superior tools, we don’t hesitate to develop and launch the new products,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product management for HURST. “These new spreaders are not only lighter and stronger than their predecessors, they set a new standard in their respective classes.”

 All four spreaders include “Shark Tooth” removable tips with multifunctional design and four rows of shark-like teeth to grip any material. They also feature squeezing plates integrated directly into the arms of each spreader. The chart below provides specifics on just how much lighter and stronger each tool is than its predecessor.





SP 555E2



SP 333E2



SP 555



SP 333



The eDRAULIC spreaders come with two Li-Ion rechargeable batters and one charger for maximum power; you can also plug the tools in with a 110v adapter. All four spreaders are NFPA 1936 2015 compliant with an IP rating of IP54 on the eDRAULIC versions.

The SP 555E2 and SP 555 models replace the existing SP 310E2 and SP 310 versions and SP 333E2 and SP 333 replace the SP 300E2 and SP 300 models.