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The first time Anthony Morabito used HURST Jaws of Life was 20-something years ago as a volunteer firefighter with Ridge Fire Department on Long Island. Today, he brings that end user perspective to his job as regional sales manager for HURST Jaws of Life, and it’s safe to say the past two decades have made him a veritable expert on the legendary rescue tool.

Previously a rep with HURST dealer Firematic, Anthony has been teacher, trainer and maintainer, showing end users how to use and care for HURST Jaws of Life. Training is part of his job at HURST, too, and he loves it.

“I have a passion for the tools – the service aspect and the training, especially,” he said.

A national certified fire instructor, Morabito can be found most of the time on the road in his HURST Jaws of Life truck – you’ve all seen that truck, right? – helping fire stations east of the Mississippi learn best practices in extrication and safety. He also travels throughout the Northeast to talk to HURST Jaws of Life dealers about tool innovations that can help first responders get to their patients quickly to save a life.

He knows how that feels; in 2007, Anthony earned HURST Jaws of Life’s Green Cross honors when as assistant chief with Ridge FD he answered an early-morning call and extricated three teenagers trapped in a car.

“I’m probably most proud of that accomplishment,” said Anthony, who still volunteers at Ridge FD, as do his two sons. 

“You get a different perspective being out in the field; people’s lives are at stake. HURST tools are made with superior materials and engineering and are well thought out. My first exposure to HURST and extrication was at the firehouse, and now, I’m especially happy we’re using HURST tools there. I trust them.