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Danny Hicks is the kind of guy who kinda looks like he’s up to something. He’s yukking it up, ribbing his co-workers, grinning from ear to ear. You can tell, whatever he does, he’s going to have a good time doing it.

So what’s he doing? He’s a sports fan to his four grandchildren’s sporting events; it’s no problem for him to get in the car and drive more than an hour to cheer from the soccer sidelines. He golfs all year in the mild North Carolina climate; he laughs when he says more than one of his shots probably gets closer to the trees…or golf cart…or errant squirrel… than to the hole.

His face gets serious, though, when he talks tools. Danny is an assembler at the HURST Jaws of Life facility in Shelby, N.C., where he’s spent almost 11 years making tools like the 421 Ram; tools that first responders depend on to get to the patient and get them out of the vehicle.

“I have a lot of friends who work in fire and rescue and use HURST Jaws of Life. They wouldn’t use any other tool,” he says of the trust first responders have in the tools’ power and performance.  

He spent the first part of his career as a supervisor at Mack trucks, so he knows tough. And he’s all-kidding-aside when it comes to the purpose of the rescue tools he helps make. So what he’s up to today is playing a role in getting first responders the tools they need to save lives. And that’s no joke. Thanks, Danny.