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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life®? It’s team members like Dylan Ray, lead assembly technician. Once a mason who built brick foundations, Dylan now builds the rescue tools that save lives.

“Being in masonry was exhausting,” said Dylan. “With the weather extremes and working weekends, I was missing out a little on life.” Dylan wanted a job that offered more balance between work and home life; it only makes sense that a guy who appreciates life so much is doing his part to make sure others enjoy theirs.

Not to mention more time for his past time. His outlet? Gaming. His favorites are adventure-packed games like God of War. But at work, it’s not a game, and Dylan, who joined the HURST team full-time last spring, is all about the team; as lead assembly technician, he fills in wherever bench strength is needed in assembly.

“I knew from the start it would be a quality job,” said Dylan, who hopes to apply more of his skills as he learns about the company and the tools. “I really enjoy figuring out the solutions to problems. But more importantly, right now, what’s better than making something that will save a life?”