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Quality seems to be a word that people toss around lightly these days. Not Jeff Johnson. Jeff is quality manager at HURST Jaws of Life, and he looks at quality in two ways: the performance of the product, and the partnership that comes with it.

“The quality of the parts makes the quality of the tool, which saves lives,” said Jeff, who has dedicated 28 years to the legendary rescue tool company. “There’s a big sense of pride in knowing we built quality tools that saves thousands and thousands of lives.”

The partnership part is that as technology changes, so, too, do HURST Jaws of Life rescue tools, making sure first responders are well prepared for newer, tougher steels.

“It’s very challenging to keep up with today’s automotive industry because they’re trying to keep you safer in your car, and we’re having to cut you out of it. But we’re not just keeping up, we’re staying ahead,” he said.
Jeff has busy days and big responsibilities at the Shelby, N.C., plant. So come day’s end, you’ll find him enjoying quality time with those he loves – his wife of 31 years, three children, and four grandchildren – and taking advantage of the activities of the Carolinas, whether it’s enjoying time on the lake, fishing in the summer, or year-round scenic rides on his Kawasaki.

“I’m lucky. I’m very blessed,” he said.  Yep, it’s a quality life for sure.