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Kelvin Humphries considers himself a jack of all trades. And you can’t argue with that description when you hear him talk about the journey that got him to his role as service technician for HURST Jaws of Life.

He was 18 years old when he became a brick layer, then he worked for a while as a welder. Good with his hands and a fast learner, he came to work at HURST’s Shelby, N.C., plant in 1988, first on the prep line then as a machinist and tool assembler. In his 28 years with HURST, he has learned about the legendary rescue tools top to bottom.

Speaking of legendary, Kelvin’s renowned around the plant. His co-workers say his knowledge is so vast that he’s forgotten more about HURST Jaws of Life tools than they’ll ever know.  And he’s not just good with tools. He also fixes and reconditions motors and restores and flips houses. Not only is he a jack of all trades, but he’s a guy who genuinely likes to build and fix and refurbish.

“I can build things no one can build,” said Kelvin about HURST Jaws of Life rescue tools, knowing the tools so well he can evaluate and repair them often in one day. On this day, he’s working on a 5,000 PSI spreader from the early 2000s, noting the tool’s longevity and company’s warranty, but mostly focusing on the need to get the tool back into the field.

“I get the tools back to the owner as fast as humanly possible,” Kelvin said. “Somebody’s life depends on it.”