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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life? It’s people like Larry Anderson – teacher, trainer, salesman, craftsman, problem solver, mentor.

Sales manager for the Midwest’s Plains region, Larry also oversees product service support and training programs. His inquisitive and detail-oriented nature makes him a natural problem solver; always willing to listen to a customer’s questions, he’s quick to identify any obstacles and find the fastest and easiest solution. Larry’s 20 years of hands-on experience makes him a particularly good trainer for co-workers, dealers and end users alike.

He says his favorite part of leading education and training programs is when he demonstrates the battery-powered eDRAULIC line. As well versed as he is on the original JL-32 from the early 1970s, the innovation behind the smaller, smarter, quicker, lighter rescue tools lets him show first responders how they can face tomorrow’s high strength steel with confidence.

He’s a bit of a legend in the industry. Just ask his co-workers.

“Everyone knows Larry, and he’s the image of leadership here at HURST,” said Britt Hawkins, marketing manager. “He is dedicated to every aspect of the company – the history, the innovation, the construction, the distribution, the education and training, the first responders, the patient. His knowledge of the tools and our history is incredible.

We’ve all seen Larry take things apart – he dismantled that Tesla Model X as if its HSS was butter – but did you know he also is an artisan? He loves constructing and fixing things to make tasks easier and more efficient. As a veteran welder, knife maker, fabricator and blacksmith, Larry knows the importance of building things with precision and accuracy.

So, it’s easy to see what he’s such a fit for the HURST family.

“HURST has been solving problems since 1971; there was a problem, and HURST solved it,” he said. “This company has been finding solutions ever since. I’m proud to be part of the team that continues doing just that."

When Larry isn’t crafting solutions or enlightening others, he’s exploring his passion for history in his hometown, west of the Mississippi. For us, we’re just glad Larry’s part of our history, and our future, too.