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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life®? It’s people who blaze their own trail like Leydoly Montiel.

Leydoly, better known as Ley, graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Spanish and International Trade, a commitment to helping others and a strong belief in who she is – an empowered woman with high career aspirations.

In 2011, Ley joined the inside sales department at HURST as an administrative assistant. Ley proved to be an invaluable asset to HURST with her hard work ethic and authentic personality. After six months on the team, she was promoted to regional sales manager of South America. Already fluent in Spanish and English, she quickly mastered Portuguese to easily communicate with diverse groups of employees, distributors and friends.

“I was very excited to switch to a more active role,” Ley said. “Meeting new people, hearing their stories and listening to different views is my favorite part of the job.”

As the only female regional sales manager for HURST Jaws of Life, she brings new perspectives and a unique dynamic to the group. She successfully managed South America for five years and recently expanded her territory to include all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

When the job calls for Ley to travel, her multilingualism allows her to communicate with users and help them with any HURST Jaws of Life need quickly and easily. She enjoys traveling within her territory to train and educate HURST users. A favorite topic: the battery-powered eDRAULIC® line.

“Besides being the industry’s hot commodity, the eDRAULIC line changed the way rescuers can do things,” she said. “These tools help people immediately – first responders can save patients quicker, under less stress and in a less chaotic environment.

When Ley’s off the clock, she enjoys all things artistic in Charlotte, North Carolina. She loves to read and attend shows, plays and musicals. Intrigued by all types of music, you might find her in an auditorium listening to a peaceful symphony or at a rock concert, head-banging to heavy metal.

“I think that’s why I get along so well with these guys. I am passionate about a lot of unique things so it’s easy for me to find something in common with them. And if we disagree on something, I’ll be sure to tell them,” Ley said jokingly.

Whether she’s breaking through language barriers for HURST or demonstrating the power of the eDRAULIC line, she’s making a positive difference. We’re proud of Ley’s hard work behind the tools.