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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life? It’s people like Lori Cain, who keeps IT running smoothly at HURST. But that’s just the start of her story.

Lori sort of stumbled into the world of information technology. She took a programming class in high school and loved it, so she went to college to earn her degree in programming. She worked as a systems operator, programmer and analyst for several manufacturing companies before bringing 25+ years of experience to HURST. She joined the Jaws of Life team 10 years ago and took the position as manager of IT/Business Systems more than three years ago. Since Lori’s work at HURST is mostly behind the scenes internally, she considers her co-workers her customers.

“I get to work with all of the users, so everyone in the building is my customer,” said the mom of two. Her son graduated from high school this past spring and will begin studying marine biology this winter. Her daughter is a senior in high school, meaning Lori and her husband soon will be empty nesters. No doubt they’ll find some quiet little hobby to enjoy together, like drag racing. Wait, what?

“In our younger years, we worked on drag cars,” said Lori, laughing as she describes a souped up Beetle and other cars they followed from dirt track to dirt track over the course of several years. “We liked to piddle with friends on their cars. We were on the pit crew, and I did the graphics on the car.”

Definitely not your typical programmer personality; this HURST Jaws of Life IT Manager clearly has a creative side. Lori says she also likes cross stitching and crocheting. But back to the tech stuff? She loves what she does at work each day, and she loves the brand for which she works.

“I knew the HURST name before I came to work here; my husband is big into cars,” she said. “It’s neat to be able to work for a place that everyone knows the product.”