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There’s something cooking in the receiving department at HURST Jaws of Life’s Shelby, N.C., manufacturing facility. Or more specifically, someone. Receiving Coordinator Mark Reinhardt loves to cook. For many years, it was an avid hobby. Mark and a buddy entered cook offs for more than a decade with their favorite BBQ recipe. In fact, they once placed 14th in a national competition in Las Vegas. But Lady Luck was with us, and he came back to the Carolinas and HURST Jaws of Life.

He just cooks for fun now, and he also has recipes for success at work and life. He and his wife met in the eighth grade, and this year they celebrate 39 years of marriage and the addition of their third grandchild. At work, he has an eye like a master chef at a five-star restaurant with no room for error. He’s in charge of logging receipts for small parts and maintenance supplies, plus coordinating outside services. He inspects the pieces carefully, and those not up to HURST Jaws of Life quality standards – and trust us, they’re high standards – never make it to the manufacturing floor.

Why such stringent standards? It’s part of HURST’s promise to build tools to save lives, and it’s inherent in the pride Mark has taken in his job these past 33 years.

“When you work here, you’re doing something good to save lives,” he said. “It’s a good place.”