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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life? It’s customer service specialists like Mickey Adams, who work day in and day out to make sure the dealers and first responders who use HURST Jaws of Life have the tools, answers and information they need to save lives.

Mickey’s background includes 20 years as a computer systems analyst. He gathered information on customer issues and examined systems to quickly diagnose problems. With two decades of experience in customer service, identifying problems and finding quick solutions, Mickey was an ideal fit for the HURST team.

He joined the Shelby, N.C., company two years ago to help create a uniform customer service experience. His position on the team of seven leads him to talk to people all over North America, South America and Canada to ensure they’re equipped to get the job done.

“We make sure that any tool that comes in for service meets the specifications it needs to perform at the scene,” said Mickey, who sees tools come in that have been in service for decades. “We have some from the early ‘90s in the shop right now. These are good quality tools. They last.

Mickey says he also likes to hear how first responders use different tools in new ways at each scene.

“I talk to them about their experiences. I like hearing their unique stories,” he says.

Mickey’s corner in HURST Jaws of Life customer service department is filled with family photos, including his two children and four grandchildren. His love for family is matched by a love for fishing. Like a true fisherman, Mickey says his favorite catch is “Whatever’s biting.” If he gets the chance to slip away, the North Carolina native hops on his Honda 750 for some fresh air and Carolina scenery.

It’s people like Mickey who help keep an open line of communication from first responders and dealers to engineers, service technicians and quality control teams at headquarters. And for that, we’re saying thanks to Mickey for being part of the team.