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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life? It’s guys like Mike Williams, a veteran machinist whose skills have helped build car parts, and take them apart.

He worked for Dana Corporation for 20 years building parts for cars and trucks before joining HURST Jaws of Life last year. Now, he helps make the rescue tools that first responders use to take those cars and trucks apart.

He’s enjoying this new experience with HURST.

“They treat you good, they keep the machines up,” Mike said. “They give you what you need so you can do your job and make quality parts and products.”

His work at HURST’s Shelby, North Carolina, facility gives him the best of all his worlds. The plant is in Shelby, an historic town between North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains and the City of Charlotte. It’s the perfect place to raise a family – Mike has one daughter – and the region is ideal for Mike’s hobby: farming. A professional farmer, Mike takes advantage of the land’s geography to raise cows and pigs. Ask him about farming and you’ll quickly see you’ve tapped into one of his passions. The other passion is about a job done right, whether it’s on the farm or in the factory.

“Here, you make a good product that saves lives,” he said. “I got lucky when I found HURST.”