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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life? It’s people like Patti Plemmons, who’s behind more than the tools; she’s behind the email responses, phone consults and customer communications that ensure end users and dealers have the answers they need when they ask HURST Jaws of Life a question.

As customer service manager, Patti works closely with a team of seven customer care professionals at HURST’s headquarters in the western North Carolina town of Shelby. But to Patti, seven is just a number.

"Our group is named customer service, but everyone in this building and at this company plays a role in taking care of the customer every day,” she said. “Our team interfaces with the outside world and serves as a hub of information.

Information is right. Patti’s team has shelf upon shelf of product guides and technical specs going back decades, multiple screens at their desks to see digital resources, and telephones, headphones and cell phones to ensure they’re ready to pick up if a customer calls. Patti wouldn’t have it any other way; customer care is her calling.

A North Carolina native, Patti graduated from Appalachian State University and began her career as a teacher. She moved to Ohio and a job in which she trained teachers on how to use technology in their curricula. Patti turned that skillset into an outward facing job, joining Warren Rupp, another IDEX company, in a customer service management role. She then took a turn as product manager, but after several years in that role found she missed the people and problem solving that come with customer interaction. Fifteen years after moving to Ohio, she jumped at the opportunity to return to the Tar Heel state she loved and the role she had missed to lead customer service for HURST Jaws of Life.

She thrives on what she does as a partner and resource for the first responder community, but she also looks forward to the end of the day when she heads back home to the mountains she adores. It’s only natural that a teacher of teachers and caretaker of customers would be a nurturer in her personal life, as well, so it’s not surprising that on weekends you’ll find her cheering on her nephews on the baseball field. Whether she’s #BehindTheTools or behind the dugout, we think Patti’s an MVP.