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On the heels of expanding its industry-leading eDRAULIC® watertight extrication tool (EWXT) line and garnering NFPA

® 1936 2020 certification for it, HURST Jaws of Life® announces it has earned NFPA 1936 2020 compliant status for all of its current low-pressure and high-pressure tools as well as its StrongArm® multitool, completing the company’s certification for all pressure rescue products available today.

“HURST Jaws of Life remains dedicated to providing first responders with tools that are safe to operate and able to perform under the toughest extrication situations,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product management for HURST Jaws of Life. “As automobile manufacturers continue to improve the safety of their vehicles, we’ll continue to test and design the performance of our rescue tools to ensure they can cut, spread, lift, ram and remove the obstacles between the first responder and the patient.”

This spring, HURST achieved NFPA 1936 2020 certification for its eDRAULIC 2.0 (E2) and EWXT battery-powered tools, including nine introductions to the industry-first watertight tool line that was launched last year.

The NFPA 1936 standards specify performance requirements for powered rescue tools and components that are used by emergency services personnel to facilitate the extrication of patients from entrapment. With HURST Jaws of Life’s new testing certification updated from NFPA 1936 2015 to the new NFPA 1936 2020 compliant status for all current 5,000 PSI, 10,000 PSI, eDRAULIC, EWXT, and StrongArm rescue tools, the company continues to reaffirm its commitment to the end user.

“Earning NFPA 1936 2020 certification for all our current products is a testament to our ability to design and build tools to tackle not just today’s automobiles but vehicles of the future,” Johnston said. “From innovative tool introductions to using third-party testing to update rescue tool certifications, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.”