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HURST Jaws of Life® has added two new manufacturing machines to its Shelby plant, adding efficiency and quality control to the company’s manufacturing operations for HURST Jaws of Life rescue tools.

The facility enhancements include a DMG MORI multi-axis machining center and a DMG MORI horizontal machining center. Both machines operate overnight unattended, increasing overall tool production while enhancing the facility’s ability to control the quality of tool components.

“We continue to invest in new technology that ensures we’re able to keep up with customer demand for quick access to product as well as high quality in the rescue tools they rely on to save lives,” said HURST Jaws of Life General Manager Ellie Mulcahy. “Our new manufacturing machinery propels us forward in our commitment to innovation and contributes to our ability to bring new firsts to our customers.”

The new DMG MORI multi-axis machining center is a dedicated machine for HURST’s newest introduction — a line of watertight eDRAULIC® rescue tools. The HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC EWXT debuts this week at 2019 FDIC International, bringing the first responder industry its first line of watertight, battery-powered extrication tools. With a robot arm that loads and unloads the machine unattended overnight for second- and third-shift parts manufacturing, the DMG MORI multi-axis machining center manufactures all pump bodies for HURST’s innovative new line.

HURST’s second new manufacturing machine is the horizontal machining center — HURST’s second of its kind — that is a four-axis multiple pallet milling machine. Running 24/7, the new machine doubles the facility’s capacity to make cylinders, arms, pump bodies and key components for HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC, 10,000 PSI and 5,000 PSI rescue tools.

“This new machinery helps us control our own destiny — we can better control the quality of our overall tool production when we can control the quality of our parts,” said Kaleb Taylor, manufacturing engineer for HURST Jaws of Life. “We only get one chance to save a life, and in that situation, our tool has to work. Our new manufacturing machinery is another step in our commitment to providing quality products to the first responder community.”