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Tool Debut Includes Live Demonstrations on Ford F-150 Crew Cab Trucks at HURST Jaws of Life Booth #1823 at 2021 FDIC International

HURST Jaws of Life has introduced eDRAULIC 3.0, taking its fastest and most powerful battery-powered extrication tools and making them faster, operational in both fresh and salt water, and now also the smartest through a smart dashboard display that provides operators with real-time feedback on tool status.

“We’re continually evolving HURST Jaws of Life extrication tools to make first responders’ jobs safer, easier and more efficient, and eDRAULIC 3.0 takes tool innovation to a whole new level,” said Britt Hawkins, marketing manager for HURST Jaws of Life, which debuts eDRAULIC 3.0, or E3, at 2021 FDIC International, booth #1823, August 5–7 in Indianapolis. The debut includes tool demonstrations on Ford F-150 Crew Cab trucks, showing the tool’s performance capabilities on vehicles made with today’s high-strength steel.

“With the launch of E3, HURST Jaws of Life has taken the fastest, most powerful tools in the industry and made them also the smartest, giving first responders an at-a-glance dashboard for tool performance that allows them to keep their focus on the patient,” Hawkins said.

The E3 smart tool dashboard provides the tool operator with live, visual and easy-to-see tool feedback in three key areas: roll warnings, which assist the operator with cutter positioning; power level indicator, which alerts the user to real-time power level, so they can reposition the tool for another cut; and a battery charge status indicator, ensuring the operator is aware of runtime in real time.

The E3 line builds on the game-changing 2019 launch of the HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC Watertight Extrication Tool (EWXT) line, battery-powered tools that have a longer battery life and stronger cutting force, plus are completely operational when submerged in fresh water. E3 offers all the features and benefits of EWXT, and then some. In addition to E3’s smart dashboard, E3’s new turbo function adds increased user-controlled speed, and the tool’s patented watertight design allows operation in both fresh and salt water.

The HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC 3.0 debut includes 11 tools: SP 555 E3 Spreader, SP 777 E3 Spreader, SC 358 E3 Combi, SC 758 E3 Combi, S 799 E3 Cutter, SC 258 E3 Combi, S 378 E3 Cutter, S 789 E3 Cutter, R 521 E3 Ram, SP 333 E3 Spreader and R 522 E3 Ram.

Other features and benefits of HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC 3.0 rescue tools include a brushless DC electrical motor for more efficiency and performance, an ergonomic design, LED lights and an optimized weight. All HURST Jaws of Life tools meet NFPA 1936 2020 standards for NFPA performance ratings.

HURST Jaws of Life introduced the industry’s first rescue tool in the 1970s and revolutionized the industry again in 2010 with the first battery-powered rescue tool line, giving first responders freedom from external power sources and faster deployment at the scene of a rescue. In 2014, HURST launched the next generation of eDRAULIC battery-powered rescue tools with the debut of the E2 line, which was stronger, lighter and easier to handle. The debut of the industry’s first watertight, submergible tool line in 2019 and the 2021 introduction of E3 with its smart dashboard continue the company’s tradition of innovation.

“Since the official introduction of the first HURST Jaws of Life rescue tool in 1972, we’ve raised the bar again and again for extrication tool performance,” Hawkins said. “E3 is the launch of a new generation of HURST Jaws of Life tools, and they’re going to continue to get smarter.”