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HURST Jaws of Life®, an industry leading global manufacturer of rescue tools, is offering first responders four new choices in rescue tools in 2018, building on an already-extensive portfolio of battery-powered eDRAULIC® and 10,000 PSI rescue tools with more speed and power.

HURST Jaws of Life tools, which include the S 377E2 and S 377 Cutters and the SC 258E2 and SC 258 Combination Tools, are available starting this month and will be showcased at FDIC International 2018 April 26-28 in Indianapolis, booth #2322.

“We design HURST Jaws of Life to meet first responders needs for stronger tools with longer blades to cut through today’s tough steels without adding weight that can create user fatigue,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product management for HURST Jaws of Life. “Our portable eDRAULIC line and long-trusted 10,000 PSI line brings more speed and power to the rescue scene this year.”

New tools include:

S 377 E2 Cutter and S 377 Cutter – The 377E2 and 377 cutter tools are stronger than their predecessors, featuring a longer reach. An 8.11-inch blade opening ensures first responders can get better access to the patient. The S 377 replaces the S 312.

SC 258E2 Combi and SC 258 Combi – The 258E2 and 258 combination tools are the lightest of the light. At 32.8 pounds, it’s sleeker and lighter than its predecessor and maintains the spreading and cutting force needed for the rescue. The SC 258 replaces the SC 250.

The new tools share the reliability, ergonomics and safety offered by all tools in the HURST Jaws of Life family. New features like star-grip allows tool actuation from almost any gripping position. A dead man control valve that reverts to neutral position if a worker’s hand slips from the control. If hydraulic flow is interrupted, a dual pilot check value will sustain load requirements.

All eDRAULIC tools come with two Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and one charger, and each tool has an IP rating of IP54.