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Hurst Jaws of Life® Releases DC Bank Charger for eDRAULIC Tools

HURST Jaws of Life® has announced the release of a DC onboard bank charger that allows first responders to quickly and easily charge the heavy-duty batteries that power HURST’s versatile line of eDRAULIC™ cutters, spreaders, rams, and combination tools.

Shipment of this new product is scheduled to begin in January 2013, and orders can be reserved today through HURST Jaws of Life sales representatives.

“First responders know that time, in any rescue scenario, is of a premium, and eDRAULIC tools help speed up extrication times by freeing first responders from the confines of power units and heavy hoses,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product management for HURST Jaws of Life. “The addition of the DC bank charger provides the additional benefits for any team by helping to ensure a continuous power source is available to recharge the batteries that provide the muscle for these versatile tools anywhere, anytime.”

The 250 watt DC bank charger is a compact unit, weighing less than five pounds and measuring 17-inches long, seven-inches wide and just three-and-a-half inches high, making it easily accessible yet inconspicuous.

The HURST eDRAULIC line of rescue tools were engineered specifically to help speed up extrications by eliminating the power units, heavy hoses and set-up times associated with traditional rescue tools, allowing rescue workers to gain immediate access to victims trapped in vehicles and buildings without sacrificing power demands. eDRAULIC tools feature the same impressive forces of standard hydraulics in a single, self-contained power source, providing operators with the freedom to operate in battery mode or plug into a power source for continuous operation. With the addition of the new onboard DC bank charger, rescuers can now re-energize tools on their vehicles to ensure a continuous power source regardless of location to meet the demands of each unique rescue scenario.

eDRAULIC rescue tools are powerful enough to stand alone as a complete rescue set, or to be used as a supplement to add portability to any existing rescue tool system. The product line includes two cutters, a spreader, a combination tool and a ram.